Posted in Life through the eyes/mind of recovering addicts!

Am I over analyzing?

Subjective-trust-networkThis just hit me, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to figure out where these emotions are coming from or why. Maybe I should just be allowing the emotions to come and go at will. May that’s the answer. I don’t know, honestly but maybe I should stop trying to figure them out. I can change my actions without knowing anything about my emotions obviously because I no longer cheat, lie or steal (can’t say I don’t ever lie I am human and that slips at times I do however try to make it right the second I notice). Actually there are many actions that I have changed about myself the past few years, some of them I was able to figure out the emotions behind them and others are still a mystery. So why am I focusing on figuring it out?

Okay so I believe that I am going to give this one to God and ask him what to do because honestly he’s the only one I trust with the answers!



Well I am a mother of three children (well not children anymore). I am also a recovering addict trying to figure out reality and healthy adult living. I guess you can say I am soul searching. I am a positive person who tries to see the glass as half full.

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