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A Beautiful Morning

beautif-morningGood morning everyone. Well I got some relief from my head yesterday evening and I was blessed with some inner piece this morning. Today is my youngest daughters 15th Birthday. Five days ago was my oldest son’s 23rd birthday. Usually around this time of year if my children aren’t with me I get very depressed. This year has been no different however this is the first time I woke on one of their birthdays feeling peaceful. It’s an awesome feeling. LOL days of crying and praying do work.

Well I don’t have much to blog about today because my head is at peace I just wanted to check-in though after all I am using this blog to help me to see things in me and to be able to look back on things.

I hope you all have an amazing day God Bless!



Well I am a mother of three children (well not children anymore). I am also a recovering addict trying to figure out reality and healthy adult living. I guess you can say I am soul searching. I am a positive person who tries to see the glass as half full.

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