Hello everyone and welcome! I am starting this blog in hopes of helping people through sharing facts and my own experiences which may not be facts however, I believe that people can learn from others experiences. I am also inviting you all to join if you have a voice and would like to be heard. All that I ask for is that everything stay positive, there will be no judging of any kind, there will be no name calling, you are all free to speak your mind and not have to tolerate being judged. I would like to also find some recovering addicts who are willing to tell as much or little as they would like of their story. My hopes are to teach non-addicts about how we think and why we do what we do as well as maybe let other addicts/recovering addicts know that their not alone. If you are a recovering addict and would like to contribute please email me, nothing you tell me will ever leave my inbox not your name or your story unless I get your full approval. You can allow me to post your story anonymously if you prefer.

I apologize I am not a writer, I am a recovering meth addict and a mother of three beautiful nearly adult kids. You may find mistakes or errors in my writing, if so please point it out because that is the only way I will get better. Just asking for some patients when it comes to my writing skills it’s been awhile since I have used them but it will only get better the more I blog. Please all are welcome to add comments, write posts and contribute in any way you like if you keep it real!

Had to add this: This blog is solely based on my own experiences, at times I will come on here when my head isn’t right and I may post things that confuse you or even contradict something I had said earlier. This is the whole point of this site. It’s to share my thoughts and head with you at the time they are coming. Rather they are right or wrong because how can you or I understand if you cant see the whole picture. So please understand that this is never going to be a “picture perfect blog” because it revolves around recovering addicts and there is no such thing as “picture perfect in my world”.  I hope you all get something out of this blog!


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